January 15, 2014

The wait is over. Face Off Season 6 is here.

Last night, Make-up Designory hosted a Face Off viewing party to celebrate MUD Alumni Bethany Serpico, Cat Paschen and Niko Gonzalez’s debut on the show. The party was held at Gordon-Biersch in  Burbank, CA. Guests included MUD’s CEO Tate Holland, Director of Education Paul Thompson, MUD LA’s school Director Gil Romero, VP Karl Zundel along with Niko, Cat, school instructors, current students, friends and family. All were there to show their support for our grads, the make-up artist community and fellow cast members.

The room was filled with anticipation, but while the beginning credits began to roll, the room exploded with cheers and applause. Everyone watched as the contestants were met with their first foundation challenge. Models appeared on stage in fanciful wigs and contestants were challenged to create a character make-up in TWO HOURS that expressed who they were as artists. The winners would receive immunity from elimination this week. The second challenge was to create the Beast based on the tale “Beauty and the Beast. “ While everyone worked in teams, there were some teams that showed individuals who were stronger than others.

We’re happy to report that our grads survived the first challenges of the season! Watch the first episode here.

Check out Entertainment Weekly’s Interview with Face Off Judge Ve Neill to find out what she’s specifically looking for when she judges, her favorite challenges and her advice to aspiring Face Off contestants.

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