March 19, 2014

Safety Tips

Officer Oscar Kendrick visited the MUD Burbank Campus yesterday and spoke with our students about safety awareness, when to call 911 and when to call your local police department.  Here are some take-away points from his visit:

  • You should know where the nearest police department is. (Near Burbank Campus: Burbank Police Department: 200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA (818) 238-3000/ Near MUD Campus: NYPD 16 Ericsson PLace, NY 10013 (212) 334-0611
  • Have the phone number of your local police department programmed in your phone
  • If you call 911 from your cell phone they cannot track your location.  If possible you should call from a landline
  • When traveling to and from campus, you should always try traveling in pair
  • Stay in well-lit areas when at all possible when you are walking from one point to another
  • Have your keys in hand when walking to your car
  • If you are being followed to your car, hit the panic button on your car keys
  • Never leave a purse, wallet, GPS dash mount, keys or anything of value in your car. If you do, make sure they are not visible.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

The above are just a few safety tips to consider; please visit the LAPD’s Crime Prevention page for more tips on how to keep safe.

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