November 19, 2013

Q&A with Debra Johnson – Makeup Artistry School

Q&A – Makeup Artistry School

Every once in a while I do something called “Just Ask”…meaning ask me anything beauty-related and then I post my answers in this Q&A beauty blog. I found this question pretty neat!

Q: When I grow up, I want to work as a makeup artist like you. I watch tons of YouTube videos about makeup. What is makeup artist school like, how long did you attend, and do you have to graduate from college first?

A: I attended a 4 year university and graduated with a degree in Marketing prior to attending makeup school. This is not something that is required, but the knowledge I’ve obtained does help in the business!

Make-up Designory, better known as MUD, is the school that I attended for makeup artistry. I took the entire Fashion Make-up Artistry program and just loved it! The courses were Beauty Makeup, Hairstyling (mostly time period styling), and Portfolio Building. The Beauty class was of course my favorite; I live and breathe everything makeup! The classes were Monday thru Friday 8-5. As a makeup student, I had the opportunity to work on each student in the class. This was great because I got to work on so many different face and eye shapes, as well as different skin colors and textures.

The class was beyond amazing! I learned the fundamentals of beauty makeup: base matching, shade and undertone, corrective makeup, highlight and shadow placement, bridal makeup, working with mature faces, male corrective makeup, makeup techniques for film, television and print, industry terminology, continuity, and basic lighting. I was then tested both on paper and then actual performance of a full makeup application. At the end of the program I received my certification in the form of a diploma. I received a 4.0 and was so excited to begin my journey as a professional makeup artist!

You don’t have to attend a makeup school to become a professional makeup artist. I highly recommend taking a makeup course because it will teach you proper technique and help with your credentials along the way. Working at a makeup counter after attending makeup artistry school is great because you learn from the more experienced artists and get a lot of practice on so many different people to enhance your skill, which you will not get from just practicing on yourself.

Good luck!

<3 Debra Johnson Makeup Artist, Orange County, California

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