December 12, 2013

MUD Welcomes Kevin James Bennett to Their Campus

Kevin James Bennett

What do you get when you place make-up brushes in the hands of a guy in a storefront window in New York City?

Kevin James Bennett.

As MUD’s Industry Speaks weekly event invited Kevin to speak to MUD students, he wanted to do more than simply give words of encouragement. Prior to the event, the Emmy Award winning artist casually visited the classrooms, talking to students as they worked on their current projects. During their discussions at the Industry Speaks event, Kevin pointed out a few keys to success based upon his own experience.

Have a plan — long and short-term.

Be confident, but know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Preparation for the future includes lots of practice and sharing your ideas.

It takes a variety of skill sets to go from an artist to a brand. Learn as many as you can.

As students circled the artist after the event, Kevin gave personal attention to their questions while sharing his own aspirations. MUD thanks Kevin for always being an amazing asset to their education program and looks forward to seeing him in January at IMATS 2014 in Pasadena where he will be a keynote speaker. To find out more about Kevin, go to


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