March 25, 2011

MUD Welcomes Back Students from Katsura College

Every year, I look forward to our visit with our international students from our sister school in Japan, Katsura Make-up Design College. This month, instructor Takashi and his students, Ayumi, Anna, Yukie, Tomomi, and Ayaka arrived in Los Angeles to participate in a specialized intensive Beauty make-up course designed especially for their school. Throughout the course I educated the students on basic sanitary practices, corrective make-up applications and MUD cosmetics. Each objective included a demonstration followed by hands-on application for each student. On the final day of class each talented student was awarded a Certificate of Completion.

They were excited to have a chance to study abroad and it was an experience they will never forget. From the beginning we had a great connection, which made the last day extremely emotional for everyone. It was difficult to say goodbye. Since they were here in Los Angeles when the big earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, I tried to imagine what obstacles they might face when they return to their country. I wish them the best of luck with all their endeavors. I hope to reunite with them soon.

— Sean Conklin


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