October 5, 2010

MUD Grad Profile: Veronica Rodarte

Veronica Rodarte at work

“There is no limit to what you can do with make-up.”

Veronica Rodarte is a professional make-up artist, self-taught designer and seamstress who loves the spontaneity of coming up with creative solutions on a tight timeline. After graduating from Make-Up Designory’s (MUD) Master program in 2006, she has leveraged the skills learned in her Beauty, Character and Special FX Make-up courses into a successful make-up career that spans several industries.

Veronica cites her education at MUD as a critical factor in preparing for her make-up career, saying, “I got everything out of [MUD] that I anticipated and then some. In fact, I started working on freelance gigs only a month into school. With the completion of the Beauty course, I felt comfortable enough to start working on building my credits and portfolio.” She has also used MUD Career Services as a resource for contacts, and to hire assistants at various times throughout her career.

Today Veronica works on independent films, music videos, commercials and television shows with entertainment personalities that include Tom Green and Andy Milonakis, for networks like MTV and Comedy Central. Her favorite assignment so far has been her ongoing work in the FX lab for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. “My work with Boneyard FX… would have to be my favorite. I will be working the event in October, and this will be my fifth year with them. It’s a fast-paced environment where we have about twenty minutes to apply full face prosthetics… you are usually given random characters, so it’s great practice… having done it over the years, it’s been interesting to see how much I’ve learned and grown as an artist.”

In addition to her make-up career, Veronica enjoys designing and making clothes and costumes. She draws a great deal of inspiration from the make-up, attire and performances of drag queens. She also loves learning from fellow make-up artists, adding, “Each [person] has a different background and experience, so there is always something you can learn and in turn, always something you can teach.”

In terms of her professional approach to make-up, Veronica values hard work, spontaneity and collaboration. She says: “When appropriate, I am a fan of things just being thrown at me with no previous concept or preparation. To come up with something on the spot and make it happen, to me, is more rewarding than a well thought-out plan, because it makes you realize how much potential you really have. I [also] find it really great to get two creative minds together and see what concepts will arise.” Her advice to aspiring make-up artists is to work hard and stay positive. “I give each job everything that I have, even in situations where I was unsure of if I could or should do it,” she says. “You never know until you try… and if you believe you can, then you will.”

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