December 10, 2009

MUD Grad Profile: Ralph Kacy

Ralph Kacy at work

“I learn something new from everyone I work with.”

Ralph Kacy graduated from Make-Up Designory’s (MUD) Beauty Make-Up Artistry and Hairstyling courses in the fall of 2002. Since then, he has worked in a variety of make-up fields, including retail, runway, print and television.

His first job after graduation was at Nordstrom, working behind the Laura Mercier counter. Within a year, he was selected as a National Artist for Dior. Ralph describes the experience as one of the most rewarding of his career: “I was on a team with nine other artists, from whom I learned a great deal. I also got to travel all over the country, meeting amazing people wherever we went.”

His print and television work has included assignments for Allure Magazine,Newsweek, the Discovery Health Channel and Bravo’s Top Chef. It has also inspired him to create AMP Cosmetics (, his own line of vibrant, high-pigment products for eyes, lips and cheeks that celebrates the connection between make-up and rock & roll.

Ralph draws much of his inspiration from nature, and from the other artists with whom he works. He says: “You can be inspired everywhere you look. There are color combinations you might never think of that are in plants and flowers. I’m often inspired by other artists and learn something new from everyone I work with.” He cites Pati Dubroff as a role model because “she has worked with just about every major star for every major publication, and is in high demand come awards season, [yet] remains down to earth.” In addition, Ralph enjoys reading, cycling, writing songs and checking out the work of new make-up artists on YouTube.

While his various assignments have run the full gamut of creativity, Ralph says: “I think the most important thing to master is a flawless, natural make-up. Outrageous creative is a lot of fun, and by all means explore your creative side – but 90% of the jobs you’ll get will want the flawless, natural look.” He says that the single most important thing he learned at MUD was the value of professionalism. “Of course having good make-up skills is important, but just as important is a bit of advice I was given while attending MUD: ‘Be on time, be professional and be nice to everyone.’ If you intend on having a career in make-up, the more friends you have in the industry, the better.”


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