March 10, 2011

MUD Grad Profile: Daniela Corcuera

Daniela Corcuera

“I get excited by people who excel in their craft.”

Daniela Corcuera graduated from MUD in January 2011 after completing the Multimedia Program. Two months later, she has landed a position as an intern assisting a fashion editor at Vogue Magazine, and gaining valuable skills as an Image Consultant. Since graduation, Daniela says that finding a steady job opportunity has been her top priority, and that she hopes to incorporate her skills as a make-up artist into her work as she moves up at the magazine. “I always loved make-up, always wanted to learn make-up professionally,” she says, “I want to have a steady job and I’m not sure if I want to do make-up constantly… [but] I can mix the image consulting job and make-up, which adds to my skill set. At Vogue, I want to get to know people and eventually I hope I can showcase my work as an image consultant and a make-up artist. The goal is to grow at Vogue, move up, so one day my opinion counts.”

During her studies at MUD, Daniela enjoyed learning how to create new characters in Special Effects 201. “I was excited because I created an ape and it was based on the Planet of the Apes movie. I loved it, it was awesome. I felt like an artist creating art.” She cites her time at MUD as crucial in developing the skills and confidence to work as a professional freelance artist.

Today Daniela finds inspiration in the work of Annie Liebowitz, as well as in magazines, movies, and talking with people who have achieved their goals. She is also inspired by the creative freedom she experiences through doing make-up: “It is art – a way to feel free doing whatever you feel comfortable with. It’s like therapy when I’m doing make-up. I forget everything. I am concerned only with my client and making them happy and confident in themselves.”

As an international student from Mexico, Daniela says she made great use of MUD’s Career Services department, adding, “Jennifer Heslop helped me with my resume… She helped me understand the [interview] process and told me what I should do in preparation to present myself to any prospective employers or opportunities. Her help has been invaluable.” She also urges students to take advantages of all of the resources available during their time at MUD, adding, “Every teacher has a different way of teaching and gives different information. If you’re going to attend MUD, bring 100% to the table. Never stop asking. And never, ever think less of yourself. You can always learn from your classmates as well.” Her advice to aspiring make-up artists is to never stop learning: “Take advantage of everything you can learn, every tip you can get, every opinion. Be open to admit your ignorance about something. Learn from every person, and trust yourself.”


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