March 29, 2011

MUD Grad Profile: Beth Ewing

Beth Ewing

“It’s quite a rush to see your work published on the cover of a magazine.”

MUD graduate Beth Ewing loves taking on new challenges. After completing the Beauty 101 course at MUD in June 2010, she began working as an apprentice hair stylist and co-designer at a salon, while simultaneously pursuing a freelance career as a make-up artist. Beth says, “I have done a variety of magazine and advertising photo shoots, including [genres like] senior, family and beauty.”

During her time at MUD, Beth felt that she was prepared “incredibly well” for professional work. “Not only did MUD prepare me in education, but also with knowing what to do post graduation and [with] career coaching,” she says. “I have called to ask advice on things such as what to charge, how to work with clients and other people in the business, how to get my name out there, and where to begin at starting a career in this industry.”

In her professional career, Beth’s resourceful outlook helps her to realize opportunities. “There are a lot of opportunities out there for you to take hold of; there is art everywhere and in everyone, if you choose to find it and see it,” she says. She stays open to inspiration by observing people in movies, magazines, television and in real life, as well as by studying different cultures and time periods throughout history. “[I’m inspired by] taking in nature in each climate, and seeing how it affects emotion and the art that comes out of it,” she explains. She also enjoys the challenge of seeing new places, meeting new people and overcoming her fears when trying new activities.

Beth describes her favorite career accomplishment thus far: “Definitely the photo shoot in the magazine…[where] you know people will read and see your work. Also, working and being part of a large group in a project such as a fashion spread is great, because you can learn…new techniques from others and see things from different perspectives.” She cites Kandee Johnson and Carmindy as two of her favorite artists working today.

Her advice to aspiring make-up artists is to work hard and enjoy what you do. She says: “Know that there are a lot of make-up artists out there ready to give you competition, so you have to be as smart, prepared and willing to do as much as you can to be successful. But aside from that, have fun, as it is an awesome experience to learn and be part of such a great career!”


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