December 23, 2010

MUD Grad Profile: Beth Bryson

Beth Bryson

“If you really want to work in this industry, you must not only be talented and creative – you must be filled with integrity and drive.”

Beth Bryson loves the entertainment industry. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue dual careers in make-up and acting, she came one step closer to realizing her dream when she graduated from Make-Up Designory (MUD)’s Burbank campus in May 2008. While at MUD, Beth studied beauty, character and special make-up effects. It was an experience that gave her the perfect preparation for her make-up career. Beth says, “I have never had an uncomfortable moment on set. MUD gave me the tools I needed to exercise my creativity in the field of make-up design, and helped me build my confidence level in all aspects of make-up applications.”

After completing her studies at MUD, Beth landed working internships at TechWorks FX studio in Santa Clarita, California, and on a pilot called Real Simple for the TLC network. She is currently performing on stage in a new show at Universal Studios Hollywood, but continues to supplement her acting jobs with professional make-up assignments on photo shoots, short films, weddings and at retail make-up counters. Beth credits MUD’s career support services as an important connection in her network, adding, “I have taken advantage of the [MUD Jobs] website and Mercury Report. I have found EVERY career-advancing job from those two places. They are the most valuable assets I can think of!

Her professional approach to make-up has also been shaped by her love of performing. “I like using make-up to express any and all forms of creativity,” Beth says, “Make-up artistry goes to so many levels, since you are able to build on the foundation of a living performer. I love the idea that you can alter someone’s appearance on so many levels…whether it is only in small corrective changes to the face, or large prosthetics used to completely transform someone.” She cites her first internship as one of her favorite work experiences to date, saying: “I learned SO much there.”

Beth finds inspiration by following her passion for performing on stage, and also by listening to music. She cites photography, reading, watching films and drawing as interests, and loves the work of the make-up artists at Legacy Effects and Ve Neill, saying, “Her creativity knows no bounds. She has proven to be such a colorful, versatile and detailed artist.” Her advice to aspiring make-up artists is to work hard and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. “You will only walk away with as much as you give to your classes,” she says. “Treat every person you [meet] with respect. You never know where your next job will come from!”


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