December 3, 2009

MUD Grad Alicia Zeringo Receives Honorable Mention At New York Career Schools Conference

Alicia Zeringo

The Make-Up Designory New York Campus is proud to announce that graduate Alicia Zeringo received Honorable Mention at the 2009 Annual Conference of the Coalition of New York State Career Schools. Alicia was recognized for her outstanding success in developing and achieving her career as a professional freelance make-up artist despite the personal and economic challenges she faced to attend and graduate from Make-Up Designory. Alicia was also recognized for her determination necessary to seek employment projects and earn her growing reputation.

Alicia had seven years of experience in preparing tattoos for cover and editorial shoots before coming to MUD to enhance her skills and expand her career opportunities. Her experience with photographers and working on tattoo displays was a part-time opportunity, but showed Alicia she had the potential for a broader career in professional make-up. Her studies in beauty make-up, character make-up, and fashion hairstyling offered her the chance to open many new doors.

Alicia has worked with many professional photographers, including Joyce Anderson, Casey Exton, Bill DeMichele, Bill Tinney, John Pringle, and Joey Bobbit. Since graduation, Alicia’s career has expanded to fashion and glamour make-up and hairstyling for model shoots, bridals, and film projects including special make-up effects for Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights MovementDrops of MemoryIn This MomentThe Yellow Wallpaper, and a “Thriller” Tribute Video for Filthy Rich Productions.

We are all very proud of Alicia and wish her continued success in her career!

— Angelique Velez

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