December 1, 2011

MUD Cares Sponsors Kindergartner, Mumba Alphonsine, Through the Georges Malaika Foundation


At MUD, we believe education is a thing of beauty. Which is why we’re proud to partner with charities that are making a positive contribution to people’s lives, both locally and internationally. Most recently, we worked with The Georges Malaika Foundation (GMF) to sponsor a young girl living in Kalebuka, District Republic of Congo, named Mumba Alphonsine.

Founded by Noella Coursaris, the GMF is dedicated to the advancement of African Communities through investing in girls’ education and community empowerment. They value the support of the people of Kalebuka who have made valuable contributions to the school’s development through taking part in brick making, landscaping and sewing the uniforms for the students. Ultimately, GMF believes that the answers to the challenges facing Africa reside within Africans, especially women and girls.

Noella Coursaris writes for Mumba saying,
Thank you to MUD for sponsoring Mumba Alphonsine to attend Kindergarten at the Georges Malaika School for Girls in Kalebuka, DRC! Sponsoring Mumba provides her with free breakfast and lunch, schoolbooks and supplies, a new pair of school shoes, 2 uniforms, socks and underwear. Investing in Mumba’s education will change her life and the lives of those around her in enormous ways. Education can alter the course of her life and accelerate her path out of poverty. In a country where 5.5 million people have died and countless women have been raped, hope is once again within reach.”

To learn more about The Georges Malaika Foundation, please visit them at or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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