April 22, 2014

MUD at Wondercon

Contributor: Jarrell Mosley

Super heroes, villains, and every comic book character one could imagine lined the walkways of the Anaheim Convention Center waiting to get into WonderCon, a smaller yet equally anticipated and enjoyable version of ComiCon.  The lines did not stop once the eager tradeshow attendees entered into the bustling convention center.  Amidst the action and the sea of booths you could find a line of excited costume clad spectators at the Make-up Designory booth waiting to get a glance of, and hopefully a picture with, Niko Gonzales and Cat Paschen, MUD Alums and contestants on season 6 of the SyFy Channel’s Face Off.

Kids of all ages (along with some adult-kids) clamored to see Cat and Niko transform their models into vampire and slayer characters from an upcoming film as well as recreate their always popular Exo Bride. Some guests were even treated to zombie and elf make-overs by their favorite Face-off contestants.

After attending WonderCon I could see why the line to get in had stretched as far as the eye could see. What kid or grown-up for that matter wouldn’t want to see their favorite super hero?  As one of Niko’s youngest fans waved goodbye he turned around and yelled back, “Niko I want to be just like you when I grow up”.  As we all were humbled by the youthful admiration, it was at that moment that I realized that not every hero at WonderCon had on a costume and carried a lifesaver or laser beam.  Some heroes wore a make-up belt and carried a MUD make-up brush and airbrush gun.




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