May 10, 2011

MUD and Lim College Team Up for a Successful Fashion Show

A month ago, we posted a story about MUD’s participation in the upcoming LIM College annual fashion show. The show, namedKemet for its Ancient Egyptian inspiration, took place on April 8 at the Roseland Ballroom. It exceeded all expectations and featured designer dresses from Rent the RunwayMissoniStudy, and many more. There were over 1,200 guests that filled the entire lower level and second floor.

The make-up was brilliantly executed by MUD students Corinne Tucci, Alexandra Fairful, Lissette Pulido, Jennifer Provost, Lauryn Hopwood, Sofia de la Torre, Megan, and Ko. They were broken up into three groups to create looks based on the social classes of Ancient Egypt: Lower, Middle, and Upper Class. Alexandra Fairful was the captain for Lower Class, Lissette Pulido was the captain for Middle Class, and Lauryn Hopwood was the captain for the Upper Class and in charge of make-up for our guest speaker, Derek Fabulous. Even though there were changes in the make-up and technical difficulties throughout the day, the make-up artists never skipped a beat. We had a wonderful time working with LIM College and the Fashion Club and look forward to more opportunities to work with them in the future.

View more images from the show by in the Photo Gallery.


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