April 28, 2011

Make-Up Designory in Denmark

One summer when I was 16, my dad took me to Copenhagen on one of his many business trips. I remember it like it was yesterday. After just half a day in, as we were walking down one of the main streets, I finally blurted it out. “Dad, everyone here is …beautiful! I mean models… every one of these people looks like a model.” He laughed and in agreement said, “Yes I know, and incredibly tall.” My dad, standing at just over 5’6”, would of course be more distracted by their height. However, I was absolutely blown away by their facial structure and coloring.

And 15 years later (yikes!), I was back in Copenhagen. During the week of March 28, I visited MUD distributor CIDESCO Kosmetologskolen and demonstrated make-up techniques, tricks, and tips on these beautiful (near superhuman) faces. Amazing!

I had met Pernille Bjarnøe, owner of CIDESCO Kosmetologskolen, about two years ago when she, along with three of her top instructors, came to New York to do a three-day product knowledge class with me. We hit it off immediately and they took to the MUD line like absolute professionals. Pernille has owned CIDESCO for 20 years and it is the only professional cosmetology school that is recognized by the Danish Government. This visit was geared towards educating their current students, grads, and other beauty professionals in the field to better familiarize themselves with MUD and our products.

We conducted three workshops back-to-back. We began at 9am and wrapped up the evening at 10pm. It was so much fun and I was able to meet so many enthusiastic artists and students alike that, by the time the day was finished, I couldn’t believe it had gone by so fast. After the demonstrations there were at least three girls who swore they would never use anything other than MUD Cream Foundation for the rest of their lives. And I believe that was a direct translation.

MUD will only continue to grow here in Denmark as its quality and rich color palette speak for themselves. The Danes are quickly becoming as obsessed with it as am I. All I had to do was educate by demonstration and point them in the right direction.

— Reiva Cruze


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