February 19, 2013

Interview with Meagan Hester, SYFY Face Off Contestant

MUD recently sat down with MUD graduate Meagan Hester, this season’s contestant on SYFY’s Face Off competition, to get a better look at how she has transitioned from being a student-in-training to working in the entertainment industry as a make-up artist. It’s plain to see that her not-so-plain, colorful personality shines through as she uses her MUD experience in the world of make-up, taking her far beyond just lipsticks and eye shadows.

So Meagan, what were your first thoughts when you heard the news about your being a contestant on Face Off?

I was freaked out! Am I ready for this? For the past two years, Face Off and I have been doing this amazing dance where they wanted me, then didn’t want me, but this time it was real! Actually, I was so excited that I was pulled over for speeding!

As a MUD graduate, what were your most memorable lessons learned during your training?

My most memorable lessons learned at MUD were actually from my instructor, Juliet Loveland. She spoke about the TV and film world and I would listen, knowing that I wanted to be a part of it. MUD gave me the encouragement to go into the world of entertainment. Hearing stories from instructors about set etiquette and working on high budget films made me excited. I would say the most valuable thing I took from MUD was the importance of professionalism and etiquette on the job.

What was your ultimate dream as a make-up artist? Any particular person or project that you wanted to be involved with?

This may sound so cliché, but I wanted to work with Tim Burton. I am still very in love with his style of thinking. Every film he has ever worked on has this romantic dark composition.

How has your experience with Face Off changed your life so far?

My Facebook and Twitter followers have increased, but the mecca of FX is mainly in LA. I think it’s still too early for me to say, but I’m hitting the pavement hard in NY while becoming more bi-coastal since Face Off.

What are your predictions for upcoming trends?

I think experimenting with different color combos or even strong eyes are back into play. As far as FX, anything goes as long as the anatomy is correct!

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