June 19, 2013

International Beauty Expo in Long Beach, CA

The MUD Team helped hairstylists and other beauty professionals learn more about the latest application methods at the Long Beach International Beauty Expo. Held on June 16th and 17th at the Long Beach Convention Center, this show featured a variety of vendors from all over the country. Sean Conklin, MUD Lead Make-up Artist, taught four classes while Matt Berenty, MUD’s Admissions Adviser, answered questions from prospective students.

Students in attendance ranged from hair stylists from California and Nevada to image consultants from South Africa. Special thanks to MUD graduates Krista Johnson and Ann Beckette, who lent their beautiful faces as models for the event!

A few key points made by Sean included:

  • Use a cup to hold brushes while on set to prevent them from rolling or dropping onto the floor.
  • Add corrector to the outer corner of the eye for a slight lift.
  • Dual action controls in airbrushing allows you to control the air pressure and product, while single action tools only allow you to control the product.
  • To prevent your client from flinching when initially applying airbrush, hold your hand over the hairline and ease the air onto the face, 4-5 inches away.

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