August 6, 2014

Industry Speaks: Ashley Joy Beck

Having worked on everything from Cirque du Soleil to Fashion Editorials and Music Videos (the list of credits goes on and on) Miss Beck returns to MUD after graduating from the Special Make-up Effects Course in 2008.

She visited MUD to demonstrate her “DreamWeaver” character that was inspired by the Native American dream catcher and an ethereal sunset on the final scene in the movie Matrix 3. Her character appears to help you analyze your dreams so that you learn more about yourself.

Enjoy this step-by step make-up demo that was completed in an impressive 45 minutes.

Ashley, everyone at MUD thanks you for visiting the school and inspiring our students, staff and guests with your passion for art.

See more of Ashley’s beautiful work on

Click on the photos for more information on each step!

Prep face with Embryollisse and MUD Cream Foundation.

Airbrush make-up was applied with the aid of the ridged end of a torn paper towel as a guide for the “sunset” lines

Vibe Airbrush body paint was used (water-base)

Second color applied in neon Pink

Third color applied in Neon Purple

Highlights were added with a star stencil and yellow paint. Then, blue was used to lightly fill in between the lines to create the sky.

(Dream catcher nets) Ashley hand made these “Puff Paint Prosthetics” by tracing over a design in puff paint. Allow 24 hours to dry.

Puff paint prosthetic was applied with prosaide cream as an adhesive

Final make-up

Jacket by Haz Matt Designs

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