February 18, 2014

Face Off “In the Shadows” Episode 5 Win for MUD Grad Niko Gonzalez

 Niko Gonzalez took the win for team MUD on the 5th episode of this season’s Face Off titled “In the Shadows.”  We sat down with Niko to discuss his winning make-up.

“Our challenge was to create a character based on a shadow of our choice. I was drawn to the shadow because of it’s big shape and the possible character I could create from it. I saw hair, hooves and horns and the silhouette reminded me of a bull. I also wanted to keep the human aspect in the make-up, so I decided to make a minotaur. I sculpted the face in 6 hours. On day two I sculpted the chest, 2 hooves, cowl molded everything and made the horns. The good thing about the cowl was that it did not need any detail, I ended up covering it with fur and used it just to provide bulk to the model to match the silhouette. On application day I had to open up the cowl, clean it out and run it in poly-foam. At the end of the first 4 hours I had everything and applied a base coat of paint on the model. I finished the rest of the painting and hair work in last looks. I am very proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.” Niko Gonzalez

We’re proud of you too, Niko!

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