February 3, 2011

Actor Peter Saarsgard and Make-Up Artist Dave Dupuis Visit MUD New York

Peter Saarsgard and Dave Dupuis. (Photo by Peter Lueders.)

Special effects artist Dave Dupuis and award-winning actor Peter Saarsgard recently visited our MUD NY campus… and it was a packed house! Current and grad students from every program sat in to learn more about these two accomplished men and their experiences in the make-up and film industries.

Dave Dupuis, who has worked on such major films as X-Men: The Last Stand and The Book of Eli, and hit television shows such asNip/Tuck and Heroes, told behind-the-scenes stories about actors he’s worked with and their personal apprehensions while getting made up for a role. In one of his stories, he told us that one of the leading actors in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button wasn’t too happy about how the aging prosthetics made him look old! Dupuis also talked about onset mishaps that have happened with prosthetics. According to Dave, the key is to stay calm, reach deep into your bag of make-up tricks and make it work!

The focus of the afternoon then turned to the actor’s perspective. Peter Saarsgard (actor in JarheadGreen LanternOrphan and An Education) was gracious and informative, telling the artists about how it feels from his side of the make-up chair. He explained how sometimes having make-up done or the application of prosthetics (such as having facial hair applied to him for his character) can often be uncomfortable and tiring. He also helped the artists understand just how important their professionalism and attitude can be in calming and relaxing their client – the actor.

It was an exciting opportunity for MUD NY and we are looking forward to many more visits from industry pros our professional development lectures!

— Carmen Hendrickson

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