May 14, 2012

A Youthful You: MUD Honors Mother’s Day

MUD celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend at workshops in L.A. and N.Y. We covered quick professional makeup tips for looking younger. Here’s what you missed:

Face: Ladies, if your skin is lacking moisture and looks a little dull, here’s a great tip for a youthful look. Prep the skin with our Face Primer and Brush 940S or a Professional Sponge. Then mix our Cream Foundation with the Face Primer and evenly apply on the entire face. In areas that need more coverage, spot conceal with a Corrector and the #300S Brush.

Cheek: For a look that is both suitable for younger skin and amazing on mature skin, use Sweet CheeksTulip or Sun Rose Color Crème Cheek Colors. Start from the center of the cheek bone – near the hair line – and follow downward with circular motions to the apple of the cheek with the # 940S Foundation Brush, a sponge, or your finger tips.

Tip: If necessary, LIGHTLY powder with a Loose Powder and the #710 Brush. You don’t always have to set the makeup with powder. Sometimes a little glow can be quite forgiving! 

Eyes: Fill in eye brows with an appropriate Eye Color or Eye Pencil, and blend with Brush 210S to create a stencil for the eye treatment and to frame the entire face. If you have unwanted texture on your eyelids, stay away from shimmers and play up the mattes. For a soft natural look, start by using the #330S Shadow Fluff Brush, and highlight the brow bone with Bone Eye Color. For medium to darker skin tones, use the Apricot Eye Color as a highlight. Use the same brush to dust the Apricot Eye Color or Wheat Eye Color on the entire lid. To create a soft edge, gradually build the Canyon Eye Color in the crease with Brush 800S from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye in a back and forth motion. For added dimension, build the Sienna Eye Color from the crease and blend into the Canyon. The darkest area should be toward the outer corner. As you move inward, sheer out and taper the color. Keep the eye lifted. DO NOT exceed the outer corner of the eye. Don’t forget to line the top and lower lid for definition. Use Brush 210S with the Espresso or Onyx Eye Colors and hug the lash lines as you softly create a beautiful definition. Finish with a coat of Volumizing Mascara.

Tip: If you have texture on your eye lids and you just can’t kick the shimmer, try mixing a shimmer with a matte to create a more subtle look.  

Lips: Use your choice of Lip Pencils to define and lightly fill in both top and lower lip. For a precise application, load both sides of the 310 Portable Lip Brush with a matching Sheer or Satin Lipstick. Start from the outer corner of the top lip, hug the outer edge of the brush to the lip line, and glide the brush to the center of the lip. Flip the brush over, repeat on the opposite side, and meet in the center. Reload the 310 Portable Lip Brush and use the same technique on the lower lip.

Tip: Using a lip brush will help from stretching the lips during application, and prevent the product from bleeding.

— Sean Conklin

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