February 21, 2019

How to Create the Perfect Ombre Lip Using Our New Collection

The ombre look can be seen everywhere lately – this trend is on display in the latest hair styles, manicures, celebrity fashion, and (of course) make-up kits. In short, ombre is one of those ultra hip looks that also has serious staying power. That’s why we created our versatile, pro-approved Ombre Collection to keep you on-trend year round. Smudge, blend, and line your lips like a pro to create over 20 different looks with this one kit. This collection looks great on any skin tone – from light to medium to dark and is so easy to apply. Check out our step-by-step tutorial below to see how you can achieve this perfect pout in time for spring.

Products Used:

Step 1: Start by lining your lips with Mauve Lip Pencil. Stick to the outer edges only.

Step 2: Apply Natural Lip Pencil just inside the mauve outline to help blend it out into your natural lip color.

Step 3: Take a #310 Lip Brush and apply Blackberry Satin Lipstick inside of your lined lips. Stick to the outer edges and corners of your mouth.

Step 4: Use the #310 Lip Brush to apply Charm Satin Lipstick toward the inner middle section of your lips, blending out into the Blackberry Lipstick as you go.

Step 5: Finally, apply Sandy Beach Sheer Lipstick just on the inside of your lips where they part.

Step 6: Use a clean #310 Lip Brush to blend any hard lines where the colors meet.

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